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OUSexDoll supplies all the types of sex dolls for you. Such as TPE sex dolls, silicone sex dolls, and silicone head TPE bodies.

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An adult doll is a synthetic human-like sexual partner designed to resemble a real woman. These dolls are often anatomically correct and may have realistic skin textures and hairstyles. Many love dolls are customizable, with options including skin color, breast size, penis length, pubic area shape, and even vaginal opening size.

Types Of Sex Dolls and Accessories

Realistic sex dolls are anatomically correct and look similar to actual women. Most of these dolls are created using silicone or TPE materials, although some are now being manufactured using other materials. Silicone love dolls are considered to be the best type of sex dolls due to their softness and flexibility.

A customizable sex doll is acceptable for us. Customizable sex dolls allow you to choose everything about your doll's appearance. You can choose the body style, skin tone, eye color, hairstyle, clothing, accessories, and even voice.

An adult toy is a sex tool intended for adults only. Adult toys are often sold online or at adult stores. Of course, you could find out on OUSexDoll, too.

Child sex dolls are smaller than adult sex dolls and are meant for children. These dolls are lower than 140cm, most people like 100cm. These dolls are often much smaller than typical child sex dolls and do not have hips or buttocks. They are often made of softer materials, such as vinyl or plastic, instead of harder materials like TPE.

Adult doll hangers are activated for us. Adult doll hangers are devices that hold sex dolls upright while they are displayed. They are often made out of wood or metal and feature hooks on the back side to hang the doll on a wall.