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Our company is dedicated to the production, development, and sale of dolls, OUSexDoll sex doll Canada warehouse is located in Delta Canada.

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There are only a few companies that have in-stock sex doll Canada warehouses. There were people who would create sex dolls out of clay and wood back then. Nowadays, we have much better technology and materials to work with. We can make our own sex doll Canada in stock now using silicone and other similar materials. If you want to get a realistic looking sex doll, you should go with a company that makes their own products. You can find these companies online. OUSexDoll offer free shipping.

In Stock Sex Doll Canada Warehouse Price

The price of a sex doll varies depending on what type of material they are made out of. Silicone dolls cost less than plastic dolls. A good quality silicone doll can cost anywhere between $500-$1000. A high-quality plastic doll can cost anywhere between about $800-$2000.

In Stock Sex Doll Canada Warehouse Size

There are many different sizes of in-stock sex dolls in Canadian warehouses. Each size comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Smaller sex dolls tend to be cheaper and easier to move around. Larger sex dolls are usually more expensive and take up more space.

Sex Doll Canada In Stock Features

Silicone is the best material for making sex dolls. It is durable, flexible, and hypoallergenic. It is also odorless and non-toxic. Other materials used to make sex dolls include vinyl, latex, TPE, and PVC. Vinyl is not recommended due to its low durability. PU is great for those who do not mind smelling like rubber. Latex is a popular choice among some people. It is soft and comfortable to touch. However, it is not recommended if you plan on having sex with your sex doll. TPE is the cheapest option out of all the materials. It is also the least durable.

You can customize your in-stock sex doll Canada warehouse any way you want. You can choose to add hair, skin tone, eye color, breast size, waist size, leg length, and even tattoos. You can also change the height of your sex doll. You can buy a sex doll in stock Canada warehouse without any features at all. Or, you can buy a fully customizable sex doll.

It is important to clean your in stock sex doll Canada warehouse regularly. Make sure to wash your sex doll thoroughly after each use. Use soap and water. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. Your sex doll may need to be cleaned more often if you live in a humid environment.

In-stock sex dolls Canada warehouse come with accessories already. These accessories include clothes, wigs, makeup, and other items. You can purchase additional accessories separately. You can also buy sex doll costumes from OUSexDoll.