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Sex dolls have been around since the early 1900’s and were originally created for medical purposes. In the last few decades they have become increasingly popular among both men and women who enjoy them as companions. There are many different types of sex dolls ranging from realistic silicone dolls to inflatable ones. Realistic sex dolls are often preferred over inflatable ones due to their lifelike appearance and feel. However, inflatables are much cheaper than real dolls and are great for those who want to save money.

Sex Doll Features

There are many features that make sex dolls so appealing. One of the best things about these dolls is that they look just like actual people. Unlike other toys, they do not require batteries or any kind of maintenance. Their bodies are designed to move naturally and realistically. They can even talk and moan and groan just like humans. These dolls are perfect for anyone looking for something to spice up their love lives.

Sex Doll Benefits

The biggest benefit of having a sex doll is that it provides hours upon hours of pleasure. You can use these dolls whenever you please without worrying about running out of battery power. You can take them anywhere you go and they won’t complain about being left behind. They provide a safe environment where you can explore your fantasies without fear of getting caught.

Sex Doll Reviews

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  1. Feels great and its fairly easy to clean.
    Even after looking at the dimension on the page it still was bigger then expected (in a good way).
    Definitely recomend trying this one out.

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  2. Feels great if you’re average sized. Very tight if you are on the bigger end of the spectrum. Customer service is astounding, super nice and quick to respond. Addressed my concerns and did their best to help.

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  3. This was my first time ever having a doll, so i wasn’t sure what to expect. and to my surprise, and excitement, this was an amazing one! very realistic and beautiful

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  4. First time buying something like this and I’m beyond satisfied with my purchase.

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  6. I tried alot of other products before and this one is beyond beleive. Every guy on Earth should own one of these !!! This is totally the last step before buying a full doll. I’d say it even feels better than the real thing….not kidding !!!
    I’m amazed big time by this product. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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  7. This product is well made and looks better than most other products from competitors.

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  8. This product is a good first. It’s smaller then it looks, makes it easier to handle. Good channels, good suction, easy enough to clean. Compact enough to fit in drawer.
    Material is soft and textured, coloring is good. I would recommend drying sticks to make it easy to take care of. Overall I’d give this a 4.5 out of 5, recommend to anyone interested in trying it.

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  9. Perfect!!!

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  10. Product packaging was perfect, no issues out of the box or anything.
    The weight is not bad, it’s just enough.
    The inside patterns feel good but they’re REALLY tight… After a while it gets a bit uncomfortable for me. Maybe if the inside patterns weren’t as small. Or maybe it’s just not right for my girth.
    Other than that it’s nice but I want to find one that doesn’t hurt lol.

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  11. Great when your lady won’t put out. It’s as described, it was a little bit smaller than expected but still worth it. Material is soft so be careful not to mishandled to avoid tears would give it a 5 if it lasted longer

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  12. This was my fist time buying a hip masturbator and I regret waiting this long. For the price you can’t beat the quality and I would recommend it to any beginner. Definitely worth picking up if you think you’ll like it.

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  13. The packaging was discreet. The product was a nice feeling texture almost like real skin. The appearance of the product was very anatomically correct and appealing. I tried out the doll, the first night it arrived. Both holes are tight but not too tight and each is distinct in texture. They actually mimic their real counterparts pretty well. My one gripe would be that the anal part is a little under textured. It doesn’t stimulate in quite the right way. It will still get the job done but there is room for improvement. The weight of the product makes it superb for thrusting and you can get creative with positions. I like the way it jiggles to meet each thrust as well. Over all really quality product. Customer service can’t be beat.

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  14. I like this product but the thing that caught me off guard was the smell its like a strong chemical and I wasn’t really comfortable with im just not gonna use it but other than that it’s ok.

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  15. Tight holes, the weight is amazing and good for a work out. So far the best toy I had.

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  16. Perfect

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  17. I came into contact with the seller’s customer service representative Anita recently and they helped me sort some stuff out. They informed me that oil and smell are actually normal for a new doll. It’s a petroleum based product so a bit of mineral oil is fairly natural. Just apply some powder, preferably corn starch, to keep it nice and smooth. The smell goes away as well, it’s hardly there now that I’ve had it for a few weeks. Plus now that I’ve used it it’s actually very fun. Also, make sure to use the corn starch on it after ever wash to keep it feeling great. The customer service for this company is some of the best I’ve ever seen and they are extremely helpful. I totally recommend this doll for it’s quality and for the great service!

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