Sex Doll Reviews


Sex dolls have been around since the early 1900’s and were originally created for medical purposes. In the last few decades they have become increasingly popular among both men and women who enjoy them as companions. There are many different types of sex dolls ranging from realistic silicone dolls to inflatable ones. Realistic sex dolls are often preferred over inflatable ones due to their lifelike appearance and feel. However, inflatables are much cheaper than real dolls and are great for those who want to save money.

Sex Doll Features

There are many features that make sex dolls so appealing. One of the best things about these dolls is that they look just like actual people. Unlike other toys, they do not require batteries or any kind of maintenance. Their bodies are designed to move naturally and realistically. They can even talk and moan and groan just like humans. These dolls are perfect for anyone looking for something to spice up their love lives.

Sex Doll Benefits

The biggest benefit of having a sex doll is that it provides hours upon hours of pleasure. You can use these dolls whenever you please without worrying about running out of battery power. You can take them anywhere you go and they won’t complain about being left behind. They provide a safe environment where you can explore your fantasies without fear of getting caught.

Sex Doll Reviews

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  1. JK

    Im very happy with my purchase. Was delivered in good time and is everything it’s supposed to be. Also they responded promptly to questions i sent by email. My doll is very good quality and the price was quite reasonable. Thanks 😘

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  2. JP

    hello. The doll is really very good, I’m just sorry I can’t buy more because I live in Brazil…

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  3. RM


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  4. AI
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  5. A

    Great doll !!!

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  6. X

    very nice it looks real i like the realistic lip’s rather than the flat ones on most dolls feels really good too and easy to maneuver.

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  7. TJ
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  8. A

    She’s nice to have. Even nice to just lay and cuddle with. Realistic looking. Very nice.

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  9. PC

    Very good service and the doll’s are just like what you see in the photo, you will not be disappointed, I have 3 doll’s and I have a great time with them all , don’t delay highly recommend this site for truly great pleasure

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  10. BB

    What a ride! Soft skin, large member, perfect! Definitely worth the money!

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  11. V

    I was surprised by the size thinking it would be bigger but I didn’t really break out the ruler lol. I did find it very useful and way better then I thought at first. No weird smell and feels very skin soft!

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  12. BM

    I have to admit I was a little sceptical when purchasing this tiny sex doll. I was so pleasantly surprised when it arrived to find how heavy it was but incredibly soft and I must admit I used it straight away. Oh my God, the feeling was out of this world. It was so realistic it was unbelievable and needless to say it only took a couple of minutes to finish off. This is absolutely out of this world. Great value for money I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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  13. B&

    I’m four months pregnant and have a complication that makes most sex off limits. I can’t have my man walking around all frustrated and possibly looking for other “outlets” so I badgered him into letting me order this for him. He seems more than happy with it. Clean up is easy, just set it into the sink and run warm water into it, soap it all up and wash and rinse it well. Use baby powder to keep it dry and it should last.

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  14. J

    The feel is a game changer. Easy to clean as well.

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  15. JN

    it’s pretty cool and realistic. really good for the price.

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  16. PC

    Looking forward to seeing my new doll she is very sexy looking , and can’t wait to get her in my bed going to have a great time with her 👍❤️

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  17. FC

    Very durable, tighter for the girthier fellows. Detail in the lips are pleasurable. The weight is dispersed so all ways of play are easy. Leaving it stationary or gripping and stroking. It takes it all, make sure to purchase a proper dry stick and toy cleaner with renewing powder. No smells or tears or weak spots.

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  18. B

    this little girl face/mouth OMFG

    Image #1 from brorstore
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  19. D

    Feels great and its fairly easy to clean.
    Even after looking at the dimension on the page it still was bigger then expected (in a good way).
    Definitely recomend trying this one out.

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  20. JN

    Feels great if you’re average sized. Very tight if you are on the bigger end of the spectrum. Customer service is astounding, super nice and quick to respond. Addressed my concerns and did their best to help.

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